Choose your favorite banquette style from these 8 options

A banquette can be a super special part of your kitchen. This is the place where the family gets together in the morning to eat breakfast and the place where you drink your tea and try to relax while reading the newspaper, waiting for dinner to cook. So, why wouldn’t you want it to be special?

Look at these eight banquette options and choose your favorite. Maybe you will get inspired to design and organize your own. These are some of the most popular styles and, tastes aside, they can teach you great secrets about space saving!



This cozy banquette will save you a lot of space if you do the right choices: built-in seating areas and a round table will do the trick.


If you have a big family, this is the best option for you. The large U-shape bench creates a lot of seating  and the big wooden table gives it a rustic feeling.


Use that little kitchen corner that’s usually filled with clutter to make your cozy breakfast nook. Some cushions and a small table make miracles in a space like this.


Even if you have some space, like in this case, your banquette doesn’t have to occupy it all. Keep the built-in bench idea and add a nice table with some chairs.


Use your new banquette as a room divider: you can create a division between a large family room and the kitchen, for instance.


Use that awkward corner in your kitchen to create a semicircular banquette. One of these is perfect for the family meals or to take your morning coffee.


If you love the formal and feminine style, you will love a banquette like this one. Choose vintage accessories like the shinny chandelier or the complex mirror frame.


Just before leaving the house, there’s your perfect L-shaped banquette! Use the little space you have available to fit a small banquette like this.

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