Choosing the perfect sofa for your apartment

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Most people think that having a sofa in a small apartment just isn’t possible, but nothing could be further from the truth. Shopping for a sofa or any piece of furniture for a small flat just takes a little extra planning and consideration, but it is possible to find the perfect piece.

As the quest for the perfect sofa continues, consider these suggestions.

What to consider when shopping

Buying furniture for a small room can be tricky, especially if the space doesn’t easily allow for many pieces. When considering sofas, it is a good idea to avoid overstuffed options and those with extra-deep seating. The colour and print design also require some thought; anything too dark or too loud can overpower a small room. The best bet is a solid colour with clean, simple lines.

Another critical element to consider is the sofa’s dimensions. It should not only physically fit into the living room it must also fit easily into the building’s entrance, up the stairwell or into the lift and through the apartment’s front door. Measure all passages through which the sofa will need to pass, as well as its final destination and take these measurements to the store. Before making any purchases, it is also a good idea to check if the store charges for delivery and related services.

A comfy, stylish sofa is an asset in any room, but be smart about the purchase since it is a large investment. Don’t purchase a sofa online without having tested it out first; it would be unfortunate to only discover it was stiff and uncomfortable when it had been delivered. Finally, remember take into consideration how the sofa will work with any other furniture that may already be in the room.

Sofa options for small spaces

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When space is limited, it may seem that the options for finding the ideal sofa are severely restricted, but thanks to the increasing popularity of urban living, manufacturers are now offering a wider choice than ever when it comes to minimised living room furniture. Today, there is a compact type of sofa designed to fit into the smallest living space; they are sometimes dubbed “apartment sofas.”  They will often have just two cushions, smaller arms or no arms at all and will be less bulky than their full-size counterparts.

Recliner sofas are perfect for many tight living rooms where additional seating is limited. Because this style of sofa offers several reclining spaces, there is actually more seating space, making it perfect for the family on a movie night or when guests come to visit. Reclining sofas are available in a wide range of sleek and stylish designs.

Another great option for a small apartment is a sofa with hidden storage. Storage space is invariably at a premium in a flat or apartment, so why not consider a sofa that enables items to be stowed under the cushions and even in the arms? Hidden storage is ideal for items such as bedding and pillows.

Finally, a scaled-down sectional might make perfect sense for a cramped space. Larger than a small sofa, it will fit into a corner when wall space is limited and because it can be separated into its individual pieces it is easy to change the look and feel of the room.

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