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Gaming has come a long way in a short amount of time. Whether you are an avid online poker player, a console gamer or a PC enthusiast, your body takes a toll after sitting in some of the terrible chairs you probably have in your apartment. If you have experienced numbness in your extremities, lower back pain or the all-too-familiar hunch back of Notre Dame symptom, it may be time to start searching for a gaming chair. These chairs not only cradle your all-important skeletal frame, but can also offer some amazing features to get you rocking while playing your favourite games.

The Gaming Difference

With the gaming industry booming globally it is no wonder that a specific subset has grown up around the all-mighty gaming chair. It didn’t take very much time for chair and furniture manufacturers to realise that traditional furniture just didn’t cut it for hours of game play that serious online gamers rack up. Sitting on a sofa, large sofa chair or heaven-forbid a wooden dining chair simply makes you lean forward to get closer to your screen and hunches your shoulders.

When it matters is after hours of gaming, when the almighty win is within your grasp – whether at the online poker table or in your favourite first-person shooter game – and you get a cramp in your neck, leg or back that creates a mis-click spasm. All can be lost in that instant and that is when you realise it’s time to buy a chair for your serious gaming pleasure.

Choices, Choices

Just like many choices in life, finding the right chair for you is an exercise of experimentation and analysis. With so many options and your personal usage requirements, there needs to be some serious thought put into your decision including which features make sense to you. For online gamers, whether you play World of WarCraft or StarCraft, you will need a chair to accommodate your use of a desk or big enough to enable your laptop to sit in your lap while in the chair.

Situation Specific

If you use a desk or table, you may need to look at office style chairs that enable you to adjust the height to reach the perfect position. A standard office chair will not do, so look for an office-styled chair that is specific to gaming. These office play seats offer better breathability with a mesh portion of the backrest allowing airflow to cool your back. This can be a particularly useful feature for playing online poker, as these games can really get your heart-rate up and comfort is an absolute must when you are faced with the decision to bet, raise or fold. Whether you are playing for real money or honing your skills in the play-money games, having a comfortable chair can surely affect your chances of winning or losing, as dealing with physical pains is certainly an unwelcome distraction.

With a multi-function swivel, tilt and height adjustment, you can be assured of an exact adjustment that suits your frame as well. At the pinnacle of office game chair design is the BoomChair Stealth, which provides the adjustability of an office chair with some of the features of a gaming chair such as Bluetooth technology that allows you to sit back and enjoy some music as you play.

An option that is great for both console gamers and online gamers is the beanbag. Now, this is not your parent’s plastic beanbag that was loud, squeaky and weird looking. The new gamer beanbag chairs are oversized to accommodate any position you wish to contort yourself into, while providing a better-made product with updated materials. Looking great with your choice of fabrics or colours, this chair provides serious comfort, no matter how long you play.

Game rockers are the classic console gamer’s choice as they are usually low to the ground and provide the ability to rock forward towards your TV for ultimate interaction and viewing pleasure. With built in speakers, sub-woofers, side pockets, vibration support and wireless connectivity, these tech chairs provide the best experience for a fully immersive experience.

Whichever chair you choose, make sure it fits into your space in your home, so selecting a beanbag or a folding rocker may be a consideration based on size.


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