Decorate your beach house with the latest trends

Beach houses should all have a breezy and relaxed decorative vice, at least that’s what we think. If you have one or live near the beach, steal some ideas for your home and bet on natural elements.

Invest in a consistent decoration and when you’re done, sit on your porch or balcony, catching the sunlight and watching the sea, while you enjoy all the perks of living in a beautiful house.

The bedroom

design 7 - coast



Choose light colors that mimic the surroundings and reinforce the beach theme through the details.

The living room





Stripes can be a major trend in beach houses, but they aren’t a mandatory choice. Go bright with a light color palette and bet on some vintage furniture with an organic look. Nice details like this seashell mirror can be a visual statement and a unique piece, since you can make one of these yourself.

The dining room




White is perfect for the walls when you contrast the lightness of this color with some maritime accessories, like the shells, are “mandatory”. When receiving guests, you can also set the mood and create a nice dinner table.

The bathroom


To finish in a high note, we couldn’t resist showing you this bathroom idea. Just one advice: if you choose something like this, try to glue the shells and starfish to the walls, or your decoration can be constantly falling and, eventually, breaking.

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