The Dent Chair

All of you out there who love modern designs are surely watching what is happening on Stockholm Furniture Fair every year. There are always so much perfect furniture designs presented on that fair, that we just can’t stop looking at all those photos! This year wasn’t an exception!


What caught our eye is a Dent Chair by Bla Station. It looks really weird with that dented surface, like someone has beaten up the chair, but that gives her some cool aesthetic, don’t you agree? And when we see all that trendy colours – we immediately imagine it around our dining table in the kitchen or in a living room.

The Dent Chair is made out of ordinary veneer, not 3D one! Even though it doesn’t look so comfy, the shell shape is designed to cup your curves as you settle in for a seat! Perfect! This is a real art that we all want to have in our homes!

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