Do it yourself: the 5 best closet dividers

Closet dividers are great for super organized people who love to keep their wardrobe in order and also for mommies who try to keep their kids’ clothes separated by size or season, so it’s easier to get what they need.

Cardboard, old CDs, foam sheets, scrapbook paper or wood are only a few of the possible materials that can be used to create these DIY closet dividers. They are extremely easy to make and you can always add something later, such as a ribbon or a little decoration. Here are our five choices!

1. Blank dividers and patterns


You can buy some blank dividers (they’re super cheap) and then print a nice pattern, cut it with the help of a compass and glue the designs into the blank dividers. An hour should be enough to finish this work of art! It’s great to separate babies clothes by size, but will also work for an adult wardrobe.

2.  Door hangers and craft paper

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Choosing a proper outfit for your new baby can be a hard task if you have a messy wardrobe, so some closet dividers are a great help. Get some wooden door hangers, craft paper, some paint, small ribbons, a marker pen or stick-on numbers and glue. First, paint the hangers with the paint and glue the paper, previously cut in the right shape, on the other side. Add the stickers to make the sizes or draw the numbers with the marker pen and, at last, a strip of ribbon as a final detail.

3. Plastic place mat and duck tape

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Organize your closet today! Get a plastic place mat, a CD to cut the right shape, Sharpie markers to label, a pencil to trace here, scissors, duck tape in a pattern you like. Cut the mat into circles using the CD – cut a hole in the middle and make a cut that allows the divider to get stuck into the rod. Cover the circles with duck tape and cut the excess and the hole. Finally, write the sections’ name in each divider.

4. Wooden letters and scrapbook paper


Look at these super cute baby closet dividers. They’re just so pretty! You only need six wooden letters with the ‘O’ shape, acrylic paint, Mod Podge, scrapbook paper, stickers and brushes. First, paint the letters (don’t forget the edges) and trace their shape on the paper. Now, glue the scrapbook paper onto the O’s and paint on top with a thin layer of Mod Podge. Let it dry and then hang the closet dividers in your baby’s wardrobe.

5. Old CDs and Sharpies


This project is super simple, so you don’t have an excuse to not organize your closet. Get some old scratched CDs, shelf liner, Sharpies, ruler, exact-O knife and durable kitchen sheers. Draw a straight line on the CD using a ruler and a marker. Then, make a clean cut on the line and cut the inner circle, as well. If the CD ships a little bit, use a nail file to smooth out the rough edges. Use the disc as a measure to cut the shelf liner and stick it in the CD. Then, press it and just write the section’s name with the Sharpie.

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