Dressing Table By Florian Schmidt

Young designer Florian Schmid from London came up with this great and minimalistic design for a dressing table. His “C58 Dressing Table” contains of a circular mirror and a two legged table. The table has the left side of the mirror free, so you can see you full profile. The flat surface of the dressing table has a lots of space to display all your make up, perfumes or anything else you like to keep on your dressing table.
It also has trays for small items like jewelry, lipstick or anything else.


– Through the reflection of the object itself arises the illusion of a bigger and a three-legged table, which also looks like an artificial window – says Florian Schmid about his work.
This dressing table is made of European ash tree and it looks so simple and modern at the same time. Perfect addition to any apartment!

You can read more about it here.

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