Eco-Charge – The Ecofriendly Portable Charger

I came across this brilliant device named the Eco-Charge, designed by Ardavan Mirhosseini – the Eco-Charge is a small, portable charger developed to give your mobile devices a quick boost by innovatively recycling heat produced by heaters, cook-ware and any other heat producing object using its thermoelectric generator modules.

As this eco-friendly charger has a flexible magnetic surface, you can use it practically anywhere and on any object with a metallic surface, whether you’re in your apartment or out camping with friends and family.

As yet, no price has been confirmed but I’d love to get my hands on one of these. As many who know me can confirm, one of my main gripes is poor battery performances of modern gadgets, particularly when out and about. I can totally see myself rocking one of these out camping.

Via – more on on the designer

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