Five tips to keep in mind when moving


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Though moving home can often be stressful, with proper research you can eliminate or lessen moving anxieties. Whether you’re looking for a similar-sized apartment or moving into a much larger pad, it can be an enjoyable experience. Here are five things to consider when moving into a new home.


Finding the right property is not just about the bricks and mortar. When you think that you’ve found the place for you, take an hour or two to walk around the area. Make the effort to see if your potential new neighbourhood has everything that you need and is somewhere that you would actually like to spend time.

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When you view a new property it’s easy to only see the interior in the current householder’s style and way of life. Look past their furniture and belongings to see if the actual layout will work for you and, if not, if it’s easy to alter.

Changing a bedroom into a study should be simple but moving a bathroom will involve major re-plumbing work and that’s something that will have to be budgeted for.


Always ensure that you obtain final meter readings from the previous occupant so there is no confusion with the utility companies as to when you become responsible for the bills.

If you are moving to a larger home make sure that you have a clear and realistic idea of how much your bills for heating and electricity are likely to increase. Remember that a larger home means more space to heat.


Moving home means moving your belongings, all of them. If you have large cherished pieces of furniture such as a bed or sofa make sure that you measure them carefully to ensure that they will fit into your new space and that you will be able to get them through the front door.


A growing number of us work from home, but for many the daily commute is something that has to be endured. Make sure that your move doesn’t result in spending even longer on a train or in traffic every day. There’s no point moving to the home of your dreams if you’re rarely there to enjoy it.

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