Frugal value adding home improvements

Many homeowners and first time sellers make the mistake of investing in lots of big renovations that add no value to their home. The trick is to know which areas of the home are worth investing in and which areas will increase your asking price. There are some things you can do which will increase the value of your home without denting your savings.

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Paint, paint, paint

Paint is a great investment and can instantly make your home look like a showroom. Neutral colours are best and you can even paint the doors and trim to keep the rooms looking clean and new. You can also paint the exterior as well as the fixtures and furnishings such as door handles, tiles, cupboard doors and even the taps in your bathroom. Spray paint is great for painting light fixtures and you can purchase cheap paint in sales or in budget stores.


Increase storage space by installing an extra cupboard or two or replace the doors and worktops. If your budget doesn’t stretch to this then get out the paint again. You can paint the doors, fixtures, walls and window frames to make your kitchen look light and airy. If you are not confident when it comes to painting then you can replace some of the fittings. Also make sure your appliances match and are snugly stored within the units.


You can give the illusion of space in a bathroom by adding a full sized mirror to one of the walls. You don’t need to have a new bathroom installed; just clean up the one you do have and add some modern fixtures and faucets. A heated towel rail can make the bathroom feel more luxurious and you can also invest in some new tiles or clean the grout in your old ones. If you want to make your bathroom look fresher, refinish your tiling and add some new flooring. Shop around for some cheap tiling for the floors.


Shop around for off-cuts or go online and check who’s having a sale. You may even find someone in your local area selling a cheap carpet in your size so check these out too. You can replace your carpeting and your flooring in the kitchen and bathroom for a reasonable price if you just shop wisely. If you have carpeting in a larger room that only has some stains or minimal wear and tear then you may be able to use this for a smaller room.


Lighting is underrated and the right kind can give a room an airy, spacious feel. Upgrade the lighting in the living room and bedrooms to instantly modernise your property. You can shop around in budget stores and you can even buy a spray paint to freshen up the fixtures. Add energy saving lighting to entice buyers.

Often the best way to add value is to make your home look more expensive than it actually is. Low cost additions, repairs and updates can add real value to your home and can attract buyers quickly enabling you to sell your house fast.


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