Grow herbs inside with the Hydroponic Planter


Do you keep asking yourself why are your indoor plants always shrivel? The ‘why’ is not important, but here’s a solution: the Hydroponic Planter from Modern Sprout.

These great hydroponic planter boxes are super stylish and simple to use, as they allow you to grow organic plant life indoors with a huge rate of success. This way, you can always have fragrant herbs to season your meal or beautiful flowers to garnish your table.

The hydroponic planters are self-sustaining and you can place them on your windowsill, since they small enough to fit even in a petite window. However, they can grow respectable plants. With the Modern Sprout planters, you can grow a wide variety of flowers, herbs, and even lettuces or spinach. Strawberries are an option too!

Thanks to the successful campaign in the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, Modern Sprout was able to gather the necessary funds it needed to start the hydroponic boxes production, so they must be arriving to the stores soon. Until then, you can know more about this product here.

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