Home Refurbishment Essentials

Image credit guardian.co.uk
Image credit guardian.co.uk

Refurbishing your home is potentially an exciting time where you really get to put your stamp on your home and make those all important changes to enhance the way you live – from increasing the space of your living area, through adding an extension or just simply creating a more flexible living space which is adapted to you and your family.

There are some things you will need to consider before starting the process however, such as budget, planning permission, practicalities and whether you will need other people to do the work.


If you are planning an extension to your home or even a conversion of your loft or garage to a living space, then chances are you will be adding value to your property, but of course this is a more expensive job than a simple change in decor. For jobs requiring larger budgets, you may be able to fund this through a remortgage of your home if you currently hold some equity, which is likely to be the case if you have had your mortgage for a lengthy period of time. If you feel this is an option you will be considering, seek mortgage advice to find out more about the options available to you in regards to remortgaging. The save a little more during the process, ensure that the advice you are getting is free, as some advisors and brokers charge for this.


There can be some areas during a refurbishment where you may need additional help and it’s essential that you plan in advance for these. Collect as many quotes and recommendations as possible and, most importantly, get references if you’re considering using someone completely new. There are simply too many contractors out there who either do low quality work or have no idea how to budget for the task, leaving you to foot the bill at the end of it all. So rather than rushing in and risking it, take your time in finding the right one to do the job.

Planning Permission

Bare in mind that any structural changes to your property may require planning permission, which should be applied for as soon as possible. It may take quite a while to get approved depending on your council, but don’t be tempted to start before the process is complete as you may be asked to restore to its former state if you don’t end up getting permission!


Are your refurbishment plans practical – both the actual process and the finished result? It may be tempting to add the latest interior trends, but this may not work for you and your family. It’s always worth considering whether these changes will add value to the property and to keep in mind that your taste may not be the same as the next buyers.

In addition, a full home renovation or extension may make your home unsuitable for living in for a period of time, so make sure to plan alternative accommodation and expect this to last longer than initially planned.

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