How to Design the Ultimate Gaming Room

Let’s face it, it is every gambling man’s dream: the ultimate gaming room. If you have a spare room, even a small one, or if not perhaps you have a garage you can use, then this could be your next DIY project. In any interior design project there are many constraints, the first one being the size and shape of your available space. However even if you are unable to accommodate everything you would like to include in terms of games, a good start is to make a wish list and prioritise it.

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First you will need to draw up a plan of your available space, you can use pencil and squared paper or you can be more sophisticated and use a computer.

Next make a list of all the games that you could like to include. Let’s assume that you want to include: a poker table, some second hand slot machines, a roulette wheel and layout, perhaps a bar and space permitting, a pool table.

Also allow for adequate space in front of the dart board. Work out the footprint of each of these games, including the space that you need around them. To the same scale as your floor plan cut out these footprints in paper or create than as movable shapes with your design software. Starting off with the larger items, for instance the pool table, and working down to the smaller ones, tries to position the shapes optimally.

Remember that some spaces can be multi-purposed if you find that you are a little short of space. For instance the space round the pool table could also be utilised for playing darts, and the poker table can be used for other casino games or even as a roulette layout.

If a casino aspect is something that may be of interest then you can get inspiration from Lucky Nugget online casino. Once you are happy with the layout of your home casino gaming room, show it to your friends for their opinion, after all they will be enjoying it too. You might even persuade them to help you build it.

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