How to Get Rid of Roaches in your Apartment

Nasty roaches – they eat your food and crawl everywhere in your apartment, and it seems impossible to get rid of them. The consumer grade bait traps just do not work. Raid, Combat, Hot Shot – they claim it will work, but roaches just get used to these products and after a short while it does not affect them anymore.

Roach in the Kitchen

Truth be told – I grew up in an apartment in Moscow, and we had serious roach problem. My building was made of concrete panels, so naturally there were many cracks. Also roaches came up through ventilation ducts. Basically we tried every over the counter solution there was – traps, sprays, tablets – nothing works. These bastards kept coming back! We lost that war… 🙁

Well, now my aunt lives in Brooklyn in the old building – you know what that means. Landlord gets professional pest control to come in once a year to spray some chemicals that only help for a week, and then the nasty buggers come back. Roach infestation in my aunt’s building is so advanced, that in the lease it states “there may be roaches”. To make matters worse, the trash area is located right outside my aunt’s apartment door, and is directly behind her kitchen. So naturally these things have nearly direct access to her apartment.

Advion Cockroach Gel Bait

Advion Cockroach Gel Bait Amazon ReviewsSo I went to amazon, and found Advion Cockroach Gel Bait for $25 – this product (formerly made and developed by DuPont) has close to 4000 reviews with 4.6 stars. Just to put this in perspective – iPhone 5 that so many people love, has “only” 1400 reviews with 4 stars! 84% of these reviews are 5 star, with titles like “Total roach annihilation!”, “THIS PRODUCT IS THE SHIZNICK AND IT ACTUALLY WORKS” and “This stuff works”.

Ok, I can see how 10, 20, even 100 reviews could be fake but 4000? No, they are mostly real.

Kitchen: So I went ahead and ordered it for my aunt, and placed it around the kitchen and bathroom. I made small, bean sized balls and place it every few inches along the walls, deep inside cabinets, threw them behind the stove and refrigerator.

Bathroom and Bedrooms: Similar work was done in the bathroom and even in bedrooms. I placed the Advion balls behind the toilet inside vanity cabinet, and even under the floor mat in the bathroom. In bedrooms, I put them under the bed, and behind the dressers.

1st day the roaches started coming out of every nook and cranny, and we had to sweep up the dead ones. Day 2 – more roaches were coming out and dying. After 4 days, they seemed to disappear, and only a random one would show up once in a blue moon.

We won the battle, but the war is not over, because there are millions more roaches behind that wall, waiting to come back.

The place to keep roaches from coming back:

So here is what i’m going to do – make more fresh “balls” in a month or two and place them in all the same spots (after removing old ones), to prevent the new wave from coming in. I don’t want to wait three months like some commenters suggested, as I don’t want them to come back at all.

What others say (these are comments from amazon verified buyers):

My apt complex sucks and i had more roaches than bebe’s kids and a buncha OCTO MOM roaches. i asked my apts to spray and exterminate and their wack no swag exterminator couldn’t do ISH. I finally got tired and took matters in my own hands and bought different products that didn’t work. I came across this great Dupont product and gave it a try and BAM!!! BAM!!! SHAZAM!!! all the roaches got obliterated after two weeks. It didn’t work instantly because it’s a slow killer, what it does is allow the roaches to eat the gel and bring it back to their ugly roach families and they eat this stuff like they eating sugar on crack.

They keep coming back for more till they die, and voila after a while the whole nest dies. I have never been so passionate to write a review, and i promise if you go on this journey and get this product, you will be glad you did. I would stay up at night and watch em eat and HAHAHAHAH Got three four five laughs when i saw them starting to wiggle like they was disabled with that retarded leg sticking out. They didn’t know what hit em. I would then wake up the next morning and see a bunch of em dead . now going on two months i have been roach free.

I WON THE WAR finally on roach terror friggin osama been had roaches ha ha. Please comment and let me know how your experience came out with the product. I will be buying more of this product when i move away from the crappy apts i’m in now, i fixed my roach problem but my apts got mold, can’t wait to leave here come jan 2011. Thanks for viewing

By Shaun Anthony on November 28, 2010

There are thousands more like it. But there are also (as always) negative reviews. However, vast majority of people swear that this product works, and in my experience it does so very well.

Where to buy: 

As I mentioned I got it on amazon, but you can also get it on eBay, at Walmart, Sears, most home improvement stores, and many online stores.

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