How to incorporate red countertops in your kitchen or bathroom

Red countertops can be an object of desire in any kitchen or bathroom, but they can also be a dreaded item once you have already bought them. That’s the time when you start thinking how will you match them with your kitchen cabinets or bathroom tiles, for instance.

But, fear not, as it’s super easy to incorporate a red countertop in your kitchen. Actually, if we’re talking about a neutral space, they will look perfect and there’s no need to do any change whatsoever. Check these examples and you’ll see what we’re trying to say.

Red countertops in the kitchen


In this case, the red countertops look great with this white and simple complimentary scheme. It even looks good near that green undertone in the glass tile.


The curvy countertop form looks amazing with the bright red color.

image_3 (1)

This nice tone of red comes from a natural material called Moroccan Red Icestone. It’s really nice and kind of exotic.


This kitchen looks so vintage, especially thanks to the mix between the green cabinets and floor tiles and the red countertops. As you can see, even green goes well with red.

RED (1)

This contemporary kitchen mixes clean lines and neutral colors with the bold red table and countertops.

Red countertops in the bathroom


The red countertops, made of maple stained red, look perfect with the big metallic sinks.


Red and white are one of the most perfects combos ever: the mix appears traditional and modern at the same time.


The red details in the countertop marble match perfectly with the red wall and the dark cabinets.


The mixing of materials with the modern and the classic elements in this bathroom is awesome.

tatianatakaeva (1)

The contrast between the bright red and the dark cabinetry gives this bathroom a contemporary feel.

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