How to Install a Steel Door and Frame

One would normally think that installing a steel door and frame is a task for the professionals. But through the following steps, every apartment geek can accomplish the said task.
Required Materials
? shims
? wall board and wall board tape
? screws
? screwdriver
? metal studs
? steel door and frame kit
? hammer
? nails
? pry bar
Steps to Install a Steel Door and Frame
1. Use a pry bar to pull the upper molding of the existing door. Repeat the steps on the bottom and middle part of the molding. Push the hinge pins out and unscrew the hinges.Steel door and frame
2. Work on the wall framing. Place metal studs on the new door frame opening. Using a set of screws, secure the frame directly into the existing sill and the header framing. Place blocking to the areas requiring support.
3. Set up the door. You may need the help of a friend in this process. Place the bottom of the steel door in the door opening. Tilt the steel door up into place. Using the shims, make sure to level and orient the door in the right position.
4. Shim the door. Manipulate the shims on each side of the door frame between the metal studs and frame. This will make the door plumb and level. Then you need to screw the lockset portion of the frame to the metal studs. Do the same to the hinge of the frame

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