How to maximize the space in your bathroom

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For some people one of the most irritating situations is to fall over yourself to do anything in the bathroom, especially if you are trying to bath children or use the toilet while your partner is brushing their teeth.

Unless you have inherited a large sum of money and have bought your home you will not be able to break down walls and rebuild your bathroom to a larger size, so does this mean that you are stuck with a small bathroom that drives you crazy?  Not at all, here are some great tips on how you can maximize the space in your bathroom!

Some other tips are a little more expensive to start but you will benefit with more space!

Rip it out – Take out your bath, toilet and wash basin.  If you seldom use the bath then rather install a shower, but if you still want to keep the bath then have a smaller bath installed and a shower over the bath will work just as well as a separate shower.

Toilets – Take a look at the toilet and have a smaller style of toilet installed, this way you will gain space in the bathroom and be able to have a more modern toilet which will compliment your new bathroom, a great for this purpose is the TOTO CST744S Drake Toilet.

Wash Basins – Another necessary part of the bathroom that has a variety of styles which are perfect for smaller bathrooms, look for smaller types of wash basins that you can easily have a storage cabinet built underneath.

Now that you have replaced all the necessary items in your bathroom, it is time to create the illusion of space and make the most of what you have available to you.  There are many different tips for bathroom renovations available and you need to consider what your abilities are as well as your budget before you start the project and then realize that you have run out of money and need to live with half a bathroom till you have more money.

Other tips on your bathroom renovations are not as drastic as ripping out your tubs and toilets, but making the best use of the space available.

Colours – Use a pale colours on the walls and floor, although these might show dirt a lot faster they also give the illusion of space, where your bolder and brighter colours tend to make small spaces look even smaller.

Accessories – A small bathroom looks cluttered very quickly, having face cloths, toiletries and all other products littering the walls will only make your small bathroom look like an over stocked china shop, rather get a corner toiletries holder with a couple of hooks attached to the bottom, and keep only the toiletries you are busy using on this holder.  Keep all your spare toiletries stashed away, out of sight, in the cabinet below the wash basin.

Towels – Instead of having a towel rack over crowded with towels, attach enough hooks strategically to the back of the door and hang all the towels there, if they are hung correctly they will not make the door close and leaving the walls bare will help to make the bathroom look bigger.

Once you have made the above changes to your bathroom you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy a shower that makes you feel like new or laze back in a bubble bath and admire your hard work.

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