How To Take Charge Of Your Living Situation In Style

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There is a new craze sweeping across America when it comes to rentals—now that the economy is inching its way back to normalcy, there is a new interest in the benefits of luxury apartment rentals.

In Minneapolis, two high-rises luxury apartment complexes are being built, the first to be seen there in decades.  In Chicago, high-rise rental buildings are also emerging on the coastline due to a strong demand for renting luxury apartments. In Silicon Valley, luxury condominiums aren’t selling, but tech-millionaires are interested in luxury apartments. In Bethesda, a 17-story luxury community is now flourishing in the Woodmont Triangle neighborhood.

So what’s going on? Why are people not focusing on buying homes or condos? Why are they choosing to rent instead?

The answer is flexibility. Those with high-paying jobs in the corporate world often have to move around a lot as their jobs call them to move to new cities. Often, this move has to be made quickly.  It’s much more difficult when there is a house or condo to sell in a still struggling real estate market that got burned in the mortgage scandals during the financial crisis in 2008.

There’s also another reason: a luxury apartment will give the same or more amenities than buying a home or condo.

Let’s look at this in a little more detail.

For instance, if you decided to live at the luxury apartments in Bainbridge Bethesda, you would enjoy outstanding architecture, beautiful floor plans, and a world of wonderful amenities. You’d also be living near excellent stores, dozens of first-class restaurants, and within only a few blocks of the Metro area.

Accessibility is a huge plus. Suppose, for example, you needed to de-stress after a hard day’s work—you would only be a short distance from the Bethesda Row Cinema.  The theater is not only beautiful, but it is well known for its luxurious seating where you can enjoy your favorite movie in total comfort.

What else might you expect if you opted for a luxury apartment?  Well, to continue with our example of the apartments in Bethesda, you would be able to relax on the scenic rooftop deck and dive into the swimming pool, visit the NRG Fitness Center located on the fifteenth floor, or hang out at the BISTRO, a clubroom and bar.  You would also be able to visit the eSPOT, which is an interactive cyber café, go to the Clubroom with the Shuffleboard Table, or stop by the LOUNGE, which is separate clubroom.  As a resident, you would enjoy an interior parking garage, live in a smoke-free building, sign up for reserved parking, and ask for a separate storage space if necessary.

When you think about it, there are a lot of reasons why a luxury apartment will give you more value than a 30 year mortgage on a house.  It will be more like living in a five-star hotel than a house that you have to maintain.

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