Improve T-Mobile Cell Reception in your Apartment

T-Mobile LTE Signal BoosterLearn how to Improve Cell Reception on T-Mobile, inside your Apartment, with T-Mo LTE Signal (Speed) Booster and WiFi Calling Router – a Personal CellSpot setup, offered FREE to T-Mobile customers*!

ake your cell signal strong (5 bars) and LTE speed high!

The apartment building where I live was built in the ’40s and is made of concrete + brick. On one side it is REALLY good, because it is very unlikely to get damaged, and brick exterior is very durable, which will keep our condo fees lower.

But the problem is – there were no Cell Phones when my building was put up, and they did not care about cell phone reception. But today, the brick / concrete make it very difficult to get reliable signal inside. So bad that even Verizon reception is very poor. In fact, poor cell phone reception is one of the reasons I hate to live in apartments.

And I have T-Mobile – that means that making calls is unreliable to the point that every second call drops – never mind the 3G / 4G speeds inside.

T-Mobile LTE Speed Booster (Personal CellSpot) – installation and review

LTE Speed Booster is a two-part setup with antenna module (place near window) and signal booster (placed in the center of your apartment), takes signal from outside, with least obstructions from solid objects and amplifies the signal, distributing it evenly throughout your place.

T-Mobile WiFi Calling Router – best in class WiFi router

This T-mobile branded ASUS router is considered by many experts to be best in class, and offers great 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless networking, as well as prioritizing your WiFi calling, making calls clear and loud!

How to get LTE Speed Booster and WiFi Calling Router for FREE

Both LTE Speed Booster and WiFi Calling Router can be obtained by ANY T-Mobile customer free of charge (with condition that if you close your account, you have to return them). Getting them is rather easy, but most people and T-Mobile stores employees don’t know how to do it, or give you confusing advice.

Here is what you need to do, to get these for free:

Call T-Mobile Customer Service (611) and tell them you have VERY POOR reception in your House / Apartment.

By default they will offer you only 1 of the 2. But I recommend you get both. Here is what you need to say.

Tell them that you want to use WiFi calling as much as possible, so you need WiFi Calling Router. BUT, you “have unreliable internet connection” which goes down often. So in case your internet is down, you still need to be able to make phone calls – so you also NEED LTE speed booster.
Note that LTE booster not only increases 4G speed inside, but also significantly improves CALL QUALITY / SIGNAL. Insist that it is ABSOLUTELY important that you get BOTH devices, to have reliable T-Mobile service in your house.

If they refuse insist to speak with a supervisor / manager. If fact, to avoid wasting time with customer support people, ask for manager right away! This will save you 20-30 minutes!

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