Inmates create the Freedom Room, an apartment with the size of a prison cell


Today, lots of people have to live in small spaces or crowded apartments. That might even be your case. It is surely how most prisoners live, except the inmates at the luxurious prisons in northern European countries. But that is a whole other story.

Using their knowledge and living habits, a group of prisoners at a high-security facility in Spoleto, Italy, joined Cibicworkshop and Comodo to create the Freedom Room.

What’s this, you’re asking? It’s a modular living area with the average size of a prison cell with lots of functions embedded in a small space with 9 by 13 foot.

The inmates received some design classes from the two companies above and started to create multi-functional furnishings at their prison workshop. The Freedom Room is basically an art installation for now and it even has a website, but it can sire great products hereinafter. Who knows? We might be looking to the future of small living spaces.



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