Innovative Storage Solutions

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One of the major downfalls people comment on when considering apartment living is the lack of storage space such as under stairs cupboards that you would normally expect to find in a house. But this can actually be seen as a positive feature of an apartment; after all, how useful is under stairs storage really?  In an apartment the beauty of having no existing storage is that you can add in your own that totally fits what you need without wasting space or compromising on functionality.

Read on for some fantastic storage solutions for the two most problematic areas of a home that suit your lifestyle.

In the Bedroom

Choosing appropriate clothes storage is often the key element that can make or break the functionality and aesthetics of an apartment bedroom. No one wants to see loose, temporary hanging rails or piles of clothes in their bedroom sanctuary so it is important to ensure that this is sorted from the get go. Start by selecting a sturdy wardrobe that fits both the space and your requirements ; carefully consider the type of clothes you want to store and whether you change clothes with the seasons.

Another piece of furniture with massive storage potential is your bed, could you add under bed storage boxes, have in built drawers or even better go for a lifting ottoman style bed, where you can literally fill the base of your bed with clothes and shoes.  Lastly, don’t forget the importance of a good chest of drawers for your underwear collection and a decent dressing table to contain all of your beauty products.

Kitchen Savvy

In the kitchen there is really just one thing that is essential to ensuring that storage isn’t an issue. This magical ingredient is simply the proper organisation of your existing kitchen units. Again consider what you actually need to store before you begin; an avid wine collector will need different systems to those which a spice fanatic might need. Once you know what you are wanting to store, there are two ways to go; temporary or permanent.

Temporary storage is the most cost effective, easy to get hold of, quick to introduce and easy to change if you suddenly start a new baking hobby. This type of storage includes things like stopper topped glass jars, hanging herb racks and Tupperware sets. Permanent storage means permanently changing the insides of your kitchen storage by adding in fitted specifics such as a wine rack or turn table style corner cupboard. This is more expensive but is often more durable and is a good option of you’ve tested things out with some temporary storage previously.

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