KB Home – Tampanians Guide To Tampa, Florida [Infographic]

KB Home - Tampanians Guide to Tampa
Source: http://kbhome.com/

KB Home made an awesome infographic with Tampanian’s guide to Tampa. If you plan to have a vacation in Florida any time soon, this is the infographic you just can’t afford to miss! Tampa is really awesome place to visit and it has a lot to offer, not only wonderful pristine beaches. This is also a city full of history and natural beauty. So, are you ready to hear what places you just have to see in Tampa? First of all, there is a beautiful Honeymoon Island State Park that got its name from a Life magazine contest for newly married couples held 1939. That year they built 50 palm-thatched bungalows for honeymooners. Wow, so romantic!

If you love cats, Tampa also has a Big cat rescue where you can see 14 different species of them! This sanctuary began rescuing exotic cats in 1992. Also, you have to visit Salvador Dali Museum – there are 96 oil painting housed in this hurricane proof museum. The building itself is a piece of art! You have to put Lowry Park Zoo on your ‘Places to see in Tampa’ list. On 56 acres there are 2 thousand animals. Wow! You can spend one whole day there!

Henry B. Plant Museum is actually an old Tampa Bay Hotel that consists of 21 buildings and it is absolutely stunning! You have to see it! Don’t forget about interesting Ybor city – that neighborhood was called ‘cigar capital of the world’ until the 1930’s. The last place on this great infographic is beautiful Bayshore Boulevard Linear Park. This is the world’s longest continuous sidewalk (4.5 miles!!). There is an annual parade in this park that is called ‘Gasparilla parade’. There are many more beautiful spots you have to see in Tampa, Florida, but these ones where choose by Tampanians, so make sure you don’t miss any of them!

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