Living large in small spaces 101

With property prices on the rise in the UK once more, first time buyers and other homeowners are choosing not to invest in larger properties but instead make the most out of the smallest possible spaces. In some cases this could just be in the form of space saving design features. In others, it could involve the total remodelling of a property in order to maximise the rooms you already have. In more extreme instances, you could be designing a whole new space efficient property completely from scratch. Whatever it is you need to do, there are many ways you can live life to the fullest in the smallest of spaces. Here are our top tips for luxury living in a shoebox!

Under the bed is not just for monsters

Photo credit:under bed containers (rubbermaid products)
Photo credit: under bed containers (rubbermaid products)

Of course, everyone needs a bed in the bedroom. Unfortunately, this often takes up so much space it’s difficult to fit in other necessary features, such as a wardrobe or chest of drawers. Instead of investing in bulky, space-consuming furniture, why not take advantage of all the unused room under your bed? Purchasing some under-bed storage drawers could help to solve the problem. This convenient feature is a great way to store clothes and other items without taking up valuable floor space.

Replace the bathroom with a shower room

If you find that you don’t use the bath very regularly, it could be an unnecessary feature in the house. It can be a big, bulky and awkward shape that takes up a great deal of space for no reason. If you’re redesigning the layout of a property or building a new home, try considering a small bathroom in order to gain more floor space. This could include a corner shower cubicle, a small sink with sparkling silver taps and, of course, a toilet.

There are thousands of amazing washbasins and tap designs to perfectly fit small spaces while offering excellent style and functionality. You can browse taps from Mira to see exactly what we are talking about.

Open your eyes to open plan

Open plan living not only presents an opportunity to bring life, light and air into a property but it also increases the amount of available space. By knocking down dividing walls between a kitchen and dining room, or kitchen and living room, you could create an amazing open plan living area. Without the confines of additional walls, you’ll be able to fit more things in between the two rooms and the increased space will make it feel like you are living in a much bigger property. Add a couple of mirrors and a light neutral colour scheme to the combi-room and you’ll think you are in a palace!

Under the stairs simply screams space

Photo credit: under the stairs drawers (ctd 2005)
Photo credit: under the stairs drawers (ctd 2005)

The space under the stairs can be a little awkward, but there are ways you can really maximise the room you have. For example, you could custom build a shelving, storage and desk area that fits neatly underneath the sloping space. You can use this as a convenient home office or simply for storage of books and trinkets. You could be a bit bolder and fit a downstairs toilet in the area. By adding a new wall under the stairs or by making changes to an existing cupboard space, you could add a handy second toilet which will be great for when the house is packed. Again, you can find amazing small sinks and tap sets that would give this little room a touch of class.

Overhead and out of the way

Photo credit--
Photo credit: high shelves (atravellingmom)

You can really maximise the space in your home with just a few simple changes, but more elaborate ideas can be even more beneficial. Be creative and don’t let any available wall or floor space go to waste. It could make a huge difference to the way you look at and utilise your home!

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