Make the best of your weekend: set up the ultimate home theater


Hard week? Nothing better to forget it than a relaxed weekend with lots of quality entertainment. So, how about setting up the ultimate home theater really quick in order to enjoy it over the  next two days? Great idea. Just follow these next steps and you should be good.

1. Build a home theater PC

Senior man smiling and holding screwdriver

Okay, not actually simple, but possible. First, get a good home theater PC with your favorite operating system and hardware specifications. Have in mind what you want to do with it. and what you want to do with it. For instance, here’s a video that teaches you how to use a Raspberry Pi to create a great device. Just have in mind that, when you’re the creator of your own home theater, you can always upgrade it with new features whenever you want. Check some more links and examples on this page.

2. Choose a platform


Next, it’s time to choose the interface, which can make a big difference in your daily experience. In most cases, people choose between XBMC and Plex, but since both have different pros and cons you can always join them and get the best of both worlds. As Plex provides a better experience through mobile devices, XBMC offers more customization options. It’s good to look for more information before deciding.

3. Select a screen


Choose a screen or a set with the right size, the best features for the money you can spend (don’t forget to check the ports) and, then, calibrate it. Flatscreen TVs aren’t your only option: for a similar price, you can get an inexpensive HD projector.

4. Get some content


The last step before finally trying your new home theater set. Get your favorite movies and enjoy!

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