Make your own garden furniture: 9 DIY ideas

At Apartment Geeks, we often give you advices for your kitchen, living room or bedroom. Even for your bathroom. With all this happening, there’s a place that is usually neglected, but not this time. The garden is our star today and we want to show you some great ideas to create your own DIY outdoor furniture. Cheap and easy!


Get four metal crates and attach them. Then, you just need to top them with a long cushion.


Get a pallet and paint it white. The second step is to get a comfy cushion and some nice pillows.


All you need is four wooden beams and some bricks, all topped with a cushion and fluffy pillows.


Do you have an old metal door? Turn it into a table.


Get some wooden boxes and use them to make a small garden table and some outdoor chairs. It requires some talent, but it’s totally worth it.


You just need some bricks stacked against a wall. Top them with a long cushion and a lot of pillows.


Some old wood and a little knack for crafts are enough to create this farmhouse table.


Again: all you need are some bricks and you can make a complete set of garden furniture.


This nice table and garden sofas can be made from some pallets.

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