Meet GoodKnight, the bed that fights bugs and germs

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Have you ever heard about a bed that is 100 percent free of bugs and germs all the time? We bet you already did, since the GoodKnight team has been promoting their new project in the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

Their idea materialized in a unique bug-free and allergy-free bed that can also make dust mites and germs stay away. Basically, GoodKnight is a comfortable heat-purified bed that can quickly eliminate bed bug infestations and provide total protection 24/7. It’s also a stylish piece for your home!

The GoodKnight model has a built-in defense system that can kill any lurking pests trying to reach your bed. It’s super safe for your kids and pets, since it’s totally pesticide free. Besides, the bed can heat itself, but prevent children from reaching the heating system, which can always be locked.

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If you like the idea and would love to have a GoodKnight bed in your bedroom, you can make your donation to the project at Indiegogo until the end of next week. Just click here and read more about this amazing bed!

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