Micro Apartment In Barcelona With Hidden Bathtub! [Video]

Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to live in the perfect location but this architect lady, Valentina Maini shows you can create fully functional living space with just 269 st ft of space (25 sq mtr), as well as having a prime spot in the heart of Barcelona.

Watch how her dining table slides over matching benches to create additional room for guests. Or how the bench slides out to reveal a full sized bath tub, and much more! It’s simply creativity at its best. To save her from the daily routine of transforming a bed:

Valentina simply raised her mattress a few extra feet and set to work creating a closet below. Recycling three large cabinets from her former work place (her tiny pad is now also her home office), she created sliding drawers for clothing that tuck within sliding drawers for the cabinets that all tuck neatly beneath her sleeping quarters

I particularly like the addition of the tatami legless chairs, it’s amazing how much more functional chairs can be without its legs.



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