Minji Cardboard Furniture for Micro Apartments

While there is a demographic of young urbanites moving around often, living in apartments and other temporary accommodation, there is also a need for temporary and affordable furniture. Introducing ‘Minji’, a collection of “collapsable, flat-packable, modular cardboard furniture” designed and created by Phaedra Harder, Stephanie McDonell, Azalia Musa and Celeste Horgan.

The collection comprises of the Stickstack Shelf ($15), Zippak Stool ($20), X-Slot Table ($70) and the Telecomb Couch ($100) and was aimed at the urban nomads who regularly move around therefore choose cheaper furniture, typically IKEA. But while IKEA goods use materials of the permanent type; wood, metal and MDF, these simply cannot withstand constant moving and soon break.

Explaining that as urban nomads are treating furniture as disposable:

…why not make it readily disposable? We propose a system of modular, small, and above all cheap furniture made of cardboard. For the student on the 3-month internship away at home, or for the young professional who moved to town the day his job starts.

For more information http://celestehorgan.com/minji/


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