Missile-Shaped Blender

You may think it’s a missile, but don’t be afraid – it’s not. This is just a piece of modern kitchen appliance that you are all familiar with. Oh yes, this is the VITA hand blender designed by Luka Bassanese, young design student from Bled, Slovenia.

Thanks to the compact and slim design, this sleek and attractive blender can help you save some space on your kitchen counters. Even though it small, it is very powerful, so it can still do everything that typical blenders do.


VITA hand blender is equipped with multipurpose blade, so it’s perfect for chopping, crushing and anything else you need to do with your food. You can also use it on glass, plastic and any other material type. It’s easy to clean and it looks just great. You can choose from many different colours like red, purple, blue, green or just simple black. It’s your choice!

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