Modern Beauty & Outdoor Living made easy

One of the main differences between a house and an apartment is the freedom to walk outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine without having to leave home.  With a balcony you can live in an apartment and still have this freedom, although your space is limited to the size of your balcony it is perfect for a little BBQ or just to sit back in a deck chair and enjoy the rays of sunshine with a good book.

Many modern apartment buildings already have steel balconies, but home owners who are living in older apartment buildings can also benefit from the luxury of a balcony with a steel balcony.  Although the name steel balcony tends to conjure up images of a large steel construction that is grey and boring with large gaps in between, the balcony is actually not ugly at all.

There are also some benefits to your steel balcony which are not as easily achieved with older brick or concrete balconies.

Aesthetically pleasing – Steel balconies are aesthetically pleasing and they do not require maintenance as often as older types of balconies.

Easy Installation – No extra building of platforms etc. are required with the installation of your steel balcony, most of the time you do not even require planning permission for your steel balcony.

Light & Ventilation – A steel balcony allows extra light and ventilation into the room from the balcony, both of which are normally blocked and minimized by older type of balconies.

Safety – Steel balconies are manufactured and designed with your safety in mind, even with a steel balcony you can keep children and pets safe as well as other family members as the balcony is secure and there are no large gaps where little people or animals can slip through.

Design & Style – You have a choice with your steel balcony that is almost impossible with a regular brick balcony!  If you do not want to have steel bars along the sides of your balcony you can simply request for glass instead!  Glass will help keep your room cooler and give you a clear view of everything happening around you!

Steel balconies are very fashionable in modern apartment buildings, anyone who wants to modernize their apartment will benefit from the installation of a steel balcony!

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