Mummy Wrap Headphone Cord

We all hate when our headphone cord gets all tangled up when we leave it in our bag or in the pocket. It seems like the headphone wires have the life of their own! And the worst thing is – that happens all the time. Well, not anymore. Here comes The Mummy Wrap Headphone Cord Organizer by Bone Collection! It’s such a practical product and it’s used to store headphone wires so they don’t get tangled all the time.


Mummy Wrap Headphone Cord is made from environmentally friendly silicone and it’s dirt resistant, so you can easily clean it with water. There are lots of colors available so you can choose your Mummy Wrap to be white, black, pink, gray or orange. Whatever color you like the most!

You can find Mummy Wrap on Amazon for $ 11.31. If you are interested, then just click here and find out more info on how to buy it. Goodbye, tangled wires!! Forever!

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