On Cloud Nine

Imagine having soft and fluffy clouds in your own apartment. Wouldn’t that be a perfect place to just lay down, meditate and relax a little? Well, that is now more than possible with this Cirrus sofa collection by Lubo Majer for Dizajno.

Cirrus is the series of fun, comfy, gentle and soft lounges and sofas. They look amazing, and they are also as comfortable as they look! You will feel like you are in the clouds!


This wonderful furniture is covered with OSB rigid frame, using sinuous spring system in seat and backrest, and it also uses a high quality flexible PUR foam. You can choose from three different types of sofas, and they even designed some amazing cloudy tables.

Of course, they only come in one color – white, but we are sure it will fit great somewhere in your apartment! Just let the Cirrus sofa takes you to the heaven!

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