Paw Chair by LumiSource

If you are looking for the greatest chair ever for your kids room, look no more because you found it! This amazingly cute paw chair is designed by LumiSource and it is so adorable. Paw chair is shaped like a leopard paw and your kids will love it.

The chair is made with sturdy wooden frame and it is surrounded by a foam cushion enclosed in plush fabric. As you can see, it has a really unique design and the designers say it is pretty comfortable, so we will trust them!


Paw Chair sells on Amazon for $216.00 with Free Shipping. Also available in different colors and styles.

It has two toned pattern and you can buy it in different color combinations. You can choose from black and yellow, black and pink, leopard or snow leopard. The price starts at around 200 dollars (depends on a color pattern you would like to buy) and you can find it on Amazon.

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