Questions you must answer before starting a DIY project (and ruin something for good…)


We know that DIY home improvements can be super rewarding: looking at something you made with your bare hands (and gloves… and tools… okay, you get it) and be able to tell everyone about it. It’s the feeling you get when you save money thanks to your amazing skills.

On the other side, there’s nothing worse than choosing the wrong projects, those you only notice you can’t finish when it’s too late. In most cases, you lose the money you already spent and still have to pay for a professional. So, before starting anything, there are some questions you need to answer.

Question 1: Is it worth your time and effort? DIY projects always have a cost: your time. So, before you consider whether you’re capable of doing something, think about how much time you have to finish your project and, especially, if it’s worth it.

Question 2: How risky is it? There are some projects you must always risk out of your DIY list, mainly if you don’t have any kind of training or experience in that particular area. They are often the ones that can seriously injure you or damage your home, such as electrical projects or the ones that deal with gas pipes.

Question 3: Do you have the knowledge, skills and equipment needed to do it? Make sure you know all the job’s steps, what you need to know in order to properly complete it and if you have all the tools and materials you’ll be needing. Without these three things, you won’t be able to do nothing you can be proud of.

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