Reorganize three essential areas of your apartment according to Feng Shui

The traditional doctrine of Feng Shui says that certain factors or areas of your house (as in your life) must take priority over others. So, there are three super important places that you must rearrange according to Feng Shui teachings, so good energies can flow through your home.

1. The main door


According yo Feng Shui, your home’s front door represents the way life comes to you, it’s the yang dimension. So, it’s important to have a good main door and entrance, in order to allow money, wealth and opportunities in. The main door is the first place you need to change, so the chi or life energy can get into your house and circulate freely.

Make sure nothing is repelling, expelling or blocking the chi from entering the house. So, no obstacles of any kind and, additionally, exclude any elements that exude Sha chi (killing chi) are pointing to your front door. These elements can be a corner of a building from across the street, a t-intersection, an item blocking the door or directly in line with the front door.

2. The kitchen


The kitchen is symbolic because it’s the place where the stove – the source of all food – is. Apparently, the stove has a great deal to do with your public life, our career, recognition and your ability to achieve goals and dreams. So, the top of your stove must be clean and all of the burners should be working correctly, as stated by Feng Shui. Also, you should use it regularly and try to use all the burners, not just your favorite one. Feng Shui says that a kitchen with poor chi can result in career issues, money difficulties and bad health.

Finally, measure the distance between your stove and sink. There should be a gap bigger than two feet between the two devices. Otherwise, you can be causing a clash of elements between fire and water.

3. The bedroom


The bedroom is the space where you can rest, heal, rejuvenate and relax, so it’s an essential place to maintain your health and vitality. According to Feng Shui, your bed is energetically connected to you. To correctly evaluate your bedroom, look at how the Chi is when you’re entering the room: that being said, you should place your bed in a command position.

A square or rectangular bedroom represents stability and makes the room suitable for sleeping, so you should avoid round, L-shaped or triangular rooms, as they don’t allow a balanced flow of chi.

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