Secret tips to furnish your apartment cheaply


Are you a poor college student? Or maybe a young adult looking for your first job in a new city? Anyway, you need a place to live. Since you still don’t have a job (and money), but aspire to some independence, you need to furnish your new apartment and spend the least amount of money possible.

You also want furniture that can last for a while, so forget about the cheapest products of the big stores like IKEA. That being said, here are some great advices to help you furnish your new house properly.

1. Call your friends and family

The first step is to check with your relatives and closest friends if they have any old furniture they don’t need any more. Asking for cast-offs is the cheapest way to furnish your apartment.

2. Consignment stores

Try to get some decently constructed and preserved pieces at local consignment stores. You might have to refinish or paint some pieces, but it’s really worth it. It’s also important to be aware of sales days in these stores.

3. Second hand stores

A lot of stores buy and accept used furniture, doors, windows, toilets or sinks, among other objects. You can find great treasures in some of these stores at great prices.

4. Yard sales

If there’s a yard sale being held near you, don’t miss the chance. You never know what you can find.

5. Estates sales

Another huge source of bargains. The diversity and quality of the products always depend on the family who is running the sale.

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