Simple NaMu Chair

The NaMu chair was designed by young artist Peter Yong Ra. The ‘NaMu’ means ‘tree’ in Korean and designer gave it that name to celebrate the importance of family roots. It was made from white oak, teak and paper cord and you can see that natural curves of this chair are also inspired by the roots of those trees the chair was made from. It is so simple, solid and minimalistic that you have to love it.


– NaMu was designed to embody family valuables and the sensibilities rewarded from them – says the designer Peter Yong Ra. He wanted his chair to represent the everyday object that are inherited from one family generation to another. The simple NaMu chair is crafted to last for years, so it will surely be that special piece of furniture cherished by many generations.

If you like this chair, you can also check Peter’s other work on his website.

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