Soda Dispenser

If you like to drink soda, this is something you have to have in your kitchen cabinet. The Jokari soda dispenser was developed using NASA technology and it is perfect to use on 2 liter bottles. It’s easy to use – simply screw on, shake and dispense. This way you can keep soda from going flat and soda can last for weeks. At least that is what they say on Amazon! The price is less then 10 dollars, so you can give it a try. In one packaging there are two soda dispensers.


The Jokari soda dispenser comes in bright red colour and it is really easy to handle. It has convenient one touch dispenser with built-in pour handle. It is also dishwasher safe so you don’t have to worry how will you wash it when you drink all the soda.

Your soda will be fizzier for a longer time, isn’t that great? That’s definitely one good reason to buy this cool kitchen gadget.

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