Sofa With A Sleeping Bag

Who doesn’t want a sleeping bag which is big enough to completely cover you up, whilst feeling like a bed. And if that sleeping bag is integrated with some cool sofa – even better! Well, thanks to Stephanie Hornig, an Austrian product designer and University of the Arts graduate currently based in London, you can now have modern looking sofa with integrated sleeping bag!


It looks so soft and comfortable, and when you need it, it is easily transformed into a regular couch. This cool sofa belongs to a series of furniture inspired by camping. When you want to go to sleep, just unzip it to reveal a padded inside.

It is such a perfect couch to place it in your living room. You can also have it in your office, so you can take a nap whenever you want. Just be careful so your boss won’t see you! He wouldn’t really like that.

You can read more here.

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