Some Classic Home Decoration Inspiration

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When you\’re in the line of work I\’m in, it is easy to lose yourself in the vast hinterlands of the internet dedicated to interior design. In the past, word of mouth, showrooms, magazines and the unique quirks of your own imagination were your research materials, though with the advent of the web your opportunities for inspiration were multiplied by a factor of, well, one of those numbers whose numbers stretch right off towards the horizon!

Now, this wealth of choice is of course an opportunity. However, you should be aware that is is also a hindrance, much like trying to pick an individual snowflake out while in a blizzard. What is helpful is when someone goes out of their way to sift this riverbed for you, holding up to you the nuggets of gold you want. As such, I had a good search around the internet and pulled up some gorgeous ideas for a classic home, and in particular two vitally important spaces: the kitchen and living room.


If you\’re anything like me, this is where you will be spending the vast majority of your waking hours, relaxing. This evinces some absolutely classic traditional touches, with the wood walls evocative of a country manor. The roaring open fire not only provides welcome heat but makes for a glorious natural centrepiece – no need for an electric radiator here! Finished with some classy, barrister-office armchairs, this is truly a grand, cosy place to unwind.


Also of vast importance is the place where the culinary magic happens, the kitchen. Now, the current vogue tends to be for seriously minimalist, clutter-free kitchens, all brushed steel and stark granite or marmoreal worktops. This gloriously traditional look goes the other way, with a welcoming, homely look. The large wood cabinets offer concealed storage and a wonderfully natural finish, while the dual islands give serious functionality. The leather stools, with backs, look a comfortable place to perch while having your breakfast, and the high ceilings add a grandiloquent feel to the space. No room for designer radiators, as they tend to present a far too modern look which is antithetical to the classic look being pursued.

What we can take from the above can be applied to almost any other room. First, natural materials rule here – think wood over plastic, marble over metal. Ornamentation is good too, with rococo patterns and tasteful accessorising of the space; essentially, move away from minimalism and fill your space with rustic, homely knickknacks.

So, stick with these loose guidelines and you won\’t go far wrong with your classic home redecoration.

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