Stratus Water Filtration System by Zuvo Water

Today Zuvo Water introduces the Stratus water filtration system to the crowd funding site Indiegogo.

Compact Zuvo

Unlike most water filter systems on the market, the Zuvo will be able to feedback information to your smartphone with stats about:

  • the remaining life of the filter
  • the amount of contaminants removed
  • daily rate of water consumption


The app also comes with helpful information about meeting your daily water target and can also account for any changes when you enter details of exercise.

Your need for a water filter can depend on the quality of your local water. The water here in Manchester is actually pretty good but I know plenty of people in London who hate the taste of their water and who regularly buy water filters. I still would love this gadget as it would help me to reduce my water consumption if all I need to do is quickly check my phone.

If this gadget sounds like the perfect addition to your apartment then head over to Indigogo and contribute now: (You can get the full unit for $79 if you pledge now which has a $199.99 value)

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