Styles and colors: 5 decorating tips for your living room

Decorating your living room, the heart of your home, can be a real puzzle… For one side, you must choose a style and, then, you must know how to adapt that style to the available space. So, here are some easy breezy decorating tips for your living room, five little advices to make your life easier.


After you have chosen a style, it’s time to think about the colors. First, choose a neutral color you like and then you might add your favorite color to the mix and co-ordinate between the two tones. Keep it simple and fresh.


Love wallpaper, but a whole patterned wall seems too much? Create a beautiful panel like this one. Make it the central point of your living room. This is called “making a visual statement”.


Nude walls mix beautifully with a striped carpet. Look how interesting this look can be, besides being a huge trend right now. To make this kind of decor more modern, stick with neutral or softer colours or you might get an “Alice in Wonderland” themed living room (not good, by the way).

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Keep it simple and, then, break the apparent monotony with a statement piece like this oversized light fixture. If you notice, there’s a harmony between the pieces, despite the differences: they’re all part of the same organic look.


To get an edgy and modern look, mix and match two contrasting wallpapers in the same room. You just have to make sure that, together, they embrace a similar theme. In this case, all about this room is following the hot geometric trend.

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