Sun Set Clock

You will never guess that this is a clock, but it really is! It is a unique wall clock that shows the exact time, the sun’s position in the sky, the moment of sunrise and sunset and the length of the day and the night. The sun is represented by a red dot that moves along the curve showing its position in the sky and the hour of the day indicated on the lower bar. Sounds so amazing!

Designers are Andrea Ponsi and Alessandro Belli and it is produced in limited edition of 99 pieces.


You don’t need a socket and you can hung it anywhere. It will look so great wherever you put it, but for now, it’s a little bit too pricey. It’s sold for € 4,800, so we are really wondering who can afford such a clock! The clock is manufactured in Florence, Italy and all parts except for the motor are custom made.

You can find more information about this unique clock by clicking here.

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