Tech support: the best 5 apps to help you decorate


We have come a long way with technology and, today, we can even use our smartphones to download some of the best design and decoration apps out there. They can be your personal assistants or design consultants during a renovation process.

Check out the following list of apps and get your project started.

1. Design your room


The app Mark on Call will help you create blueprints and design your dream room, without having to move your furniture around over and over again. It’s available for iOS.

2. Select colors


If you want to paint your walls the same color as your favorite rug, for instance, get the BEHR ColorSmart app and choose your color. You can also try it on your wall, by applying the color to a picture. The app is available for iOS and Android.

3. Make some measurements


Forgot your level? No problem. Get the free iHandy Level app, available for iOS, and you will be able to measure angles accurately.

4. Display your furniture


The app uDecore is very similar to Mark On Call. It uses augmented reality to let you see how the furniture will look at your living room, for instance. It’s available for iOS.

5. Try blinds


If you need new blinds, but don’t know which model to get, try The Window Shopper app by It’s available for Android and iOS.

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