The architect’s idea: how to transform a small apartment with clever cubbies

wood-works-book-cabinet - Cópia

During the renovation of a small apartment studio on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the architect Tim Seggerman had a brilliant idea to innovate the inside of the 240-square-foot space.

The apartment with a sleeping loft over the kitchen was in bad shape, in need of true change. So, the architect decided to create what he calls a “crafted jewel box” into the undersized space.

Taking the work of the furniture designer George Nakashima as an inspiration, the architect transformed the place. According to a visitor who was inside the apartment, it’s like “sitting inside one of Nakashima’s cabinets” and the best part is, definitely, the cubicle library  adjacent to the loft bed.

The rest of the apartment is similar, with beautiful wood pieces covering everything.

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