Seven houses with amazing views

The best architectures don’t just plan a house or apartment, they do it according to the surroundings. And, sometimes, when these surroundings include spectacular views, the professionals can’t ignore them.

Check out these next seven examples of rooms with beautiful views, all inspired by the great outdoors.

1. Jespersen Residence

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The walls of the Jespersen residence, located atop Emigration Canyon, in Salt Lake City (Utah), are practically made of glass. This amazing house features oversize sliding doors, a flat roof and cutting-edge geometric principles.

2. Partington Point House


Built and designed by Richard Clements, this glass and wood beautiful house is located in Big Sur, California. Partington Point House was renovated in 1995 by the architect Mickey Muennig.

3. Lake house by Richar Meier


This house is located by the Lake Michigan, in Harbor Springs, Michigan. It was designed by Richard Meier.

4. Vacation house in Greece


Beyond the living room of this amazing vacation home located in Greece is the landscape of Skiathos. This picturesque housing sports some Hans J. Wegner for Carl Hansen & Son’s sculptural wooden Shell chairs and also floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors.

5. Waterfront House in Australia


Dougal James-Robertson looks at the Barrenjoey view from the kitchen of his waterfront home  located in Great Mackerel Beach, Australia.

6. Malibu Canyon House


This is the Malibu Canyon house, designed by the architect Bruce Bolander. Steel, concrete and glass are the main construction materials used.

7. Desert house in California


The architect and owner of this beautiful and minimalist house is Alan Koch. This structure is located in Pioneertown, California, and it’s framed by a Bosch aluminum framing system and perforated steel. It’s like a desert shelter, but a lot more stylish.

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