The best and the worst sleeping position for your body


Today, we worry about everything that’s remotely related to our health and well being. But, strangely, most of us don’t think about that when we’re going to bed.

What we don’t know is that we might be damaging our bodies just by sleeping in a position that seems comfortable. We saw a useful video here and we thought it would be important to share. Just remember that sleeping is important for our health and our sleeping position can be responsible for a lot of (present and future) problems. Maybe it’s time to change your nightly tradition?


The best position: sleeping on your back

back 2

Sleeping on your back is the best position because it distributes your body weight in the correct way and relaxes your muscles.


The worst position: sleeping on your stomach


Stomach-sleepers might develop some health problems along the years: sleeping on your belly causes significant back pain, especially if your mattress is uneven, and neck strain, because it requires the head to be turned nearly 90 degrees.


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