The best colorful and inspirational rooms

If your home needs a change, why don’t you make it more colorful and bright? Here are some decoration and painting ideas, one for each room of your house.

1. Hot pink kitchen


Do you love white cabinets, but the whole kitchen just looks too white? Go wild and paint your ceiling with a bold color, like hot pink.

2. Rich blue living room


Stick with the basics in matter of furniture and paint your walls with a rich tone like this powerful blue.

3. Lemon yellow bedroom


This lemon yellow bedroom seems really cozy and inviting.

4. Soft pink laundry room


This striped room, mixing white and soft pink, looks super lovely.

5. White and yellow bathroom


This pattern wallpaper looks beautiful in this small bathroom. It surely makes the space much more interesting.

6. Apple green library

This apple green tone looks super relaxing, especially in a library.

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