The best free apps to make your garden blossom

Do you love gardening, but some details slip through your mind once in a while? Then, it’s time to download some of these free apps we are about to show you. Trust us, they will help you a lot and your veggies and flowers will thank you.

1. Garden Time Planner

garden time planner

Available for iOS and Android. This app is perfect because it warns gardeners about the right times to plant, transplant, sow or harvest vegetables and herbs according to the region you live in.

Link iOS and link Android

2. Garden Design Ideas


Available for Android. This is the ideal app to give you design ideas for your garden. Look for, save and share all garden designs and decorating pictures and information. Find the designs that best suit balcony or terrace gardens, for instance.


3. Gardening Tips

gardening tips

Available for Windows 8. If you don’t like to read and research, this is the perfect app for you. “Gardening Tips” is a video gallery with the best advices for your garden.




4. Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine


Available for iOS. With this app, you have free access to all the content in every publication of the Lowe’s magazine. Change your garden with this app full of great ideas.


5. Plant Encyclopedia


Available for Windows 8. This app gathers all the information you need to know about plants, like a true and old encyclopedia. Use it to search for image, specifications and descriptions.


6. iScape Free


Available for iOS. This app allows the user to create spectacular landscape designs by simply taking a picture of the scenario you want to change and trying different solutions to improve it.




7. GardenMinder


Available for iOS. Plan your raised bed gardens now with this app and become the best gardener in history.





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