The Best Green Gadgets

Every tech head will tell you that they worry about one thing when they’ve got all their gadgets wired up and that’s how much electricity they’re using and how they can stay green when so much tech is sucking down power.

That’s why we’ve came up with a list of the best gadgets to use that are completely green. This means you don’t need to sacrifice the most up to date technology while on your route to becoming more environmentally conscious.

iZen Bamboo Bluetooth Keyboard


First up is this nifty little device. Made from 92% bamboo this wireless keyboard will connect to your PC via a Bluetooth connection. Not only is it completely recyclable since it’s made from renewable sources, it also comes with a set of rechargeable batteries so you won’t need to constantly buy batteries for it. Costing just £99 each these environmentally friendly keyboards are cost-effective and cool to look at with their retro wooden design.

Water Powered Clock


One thing that never mixes well is water and electricity yet with the water powered alarm clock it works perfectly. Costing just £25 this great little gadget runs off water poured into it from your taps unlike normal battery powered or plug in clocks. It can run for 12 weeks from one refill and will remember the time it stopped on so you don’t have to sit and reset it each time.

Empower: The Energy Generating Rocking Chair


The worst thing about gadgets is the constant need to charge them. Keep your tech in top condition with this green device that doesn’t involve electricity. It’s powered from kinetic energy generated from you rocking back and forth on it so you don’t have to keep plugging your devices in to power outlets to make sure they’re topped up. This is great to use if you’re someone who fidgets a lot in their chair or even while you’re just watching television and relaxing.

Solar Powered Suction Charger


We’ve all had that moment where our gadgets have run out of power on a plane, and most of us have to make do with either more batteries or portable charge kits. Why not stay green on the go with a solar charger instead? Fitted with a suction cup you can stick this onto the window of the plane and it will suck in solar energy to keep your gadgets all fully charged.

Battery Wizard

One thing every tech user will have amassed in a drawer or cupboard is batteries. Any one person can go through a ridiculous amount of these things either when you’re keeping your gear fully powered or you’re buying another set of rechargeable batteries. With the Battery Wizard you can recharge any leftover alkaline batteries, which normally will explode or leak if you tried to recharge them in any other way.

The Battery Wizard is great because it takes your old discarded alkaline batteries and reconditions them all and increases their life-span tenfold as well as charging them back up again. So you’ll never have to worry about constantly buying new batteries as this cool bit of tech will keep your current batteries topped up.

So if you’re an avid fan of gadgets and you’re quite concerned that you’re not very green with your current kit then why not try buying some of this top tech to make sure that you stay green in the future.

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